Important Dates

Important Dates

Weekly Q + A calls will be held on rotating Tuesdays and Thursdays. Times will be between 10am EST and 2pm EST. As I mentioned, you can submit your questions if you are not able to attend plus you can listen to the replay.

New modules will be released each month as follows::

  • March 1st – Brand Strategy
  • April 5th – Marketing Strategy
  • May 3rd – Creating and Selling Offers
  • June 7th – Content Marketing
  • July 5th – Systems + Processes
  • August 2nd – Email Funnels + Processes

And new lesson topics will be added each week.

There is an extra week in March and May. In March, I will be providing an extra training on brand identity. The week of May 29th there will be no calls or new content.

Call dates will be provided for the month. Call information will be added to the course under Weekly Action Items, added to the Facebook group and you will receive an email from me. Calls will take place on zoom.